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Direct print The advantages of printing directly onto a CD/DVD instead of printing a label and attaching it to the disc 1. Water proof finish Water proof inks directly printed in to discs 2. Convenience and production speed it’s an easy, one-step process. You won't have to waste time dealing with label placement. Domain Registration Web hosting 200 MB 500 MB 2000 MB E-mail Ids 5 10 Unlimited Logo Design Intro Design Index Page With Flash banner Index Page With Flash banner The company produces magnetic buttons and Mugs with high quality in terms of raw materials and the print quality on those buttons. Custom printed buttons. magnetic buttons. badges, Pin backs. Custom made political buttons. school buttons. advertising buttons. promotional buttons. reunion buttons.

Presentation and Multimedia

CD presentation services, it provides detailed and descriptive information about your company and make the whole experience gripping. A CD/ DVD presentation includes charts, graphs, animation, graphics and images. A CD/DVD presentation created by us offers the benefit of mobility and the cost of their reproduction is almost negligible.

From elementary presentations to sophisticated auto run CD/DVD presentation services, interactive CD-ROMs to Video CD/ DVD, we provide dynamic and animated interactive multimedia presentations.

In CD/DVD Presentation Services provides following facilities:

  • Company's Corporate Profile in form of Presentations.
  • E-Learning Solutions.
  • Company's Product Catalog.
  • Company Prospectus.
  • Virtually anything you want to present.

In the CD/DVD Presentation Services package, we provide 3D animation, 2D animation, moving pictures, flash images, voice-over, music, and video with excellent creativity. The most challenging part of this presentation was to create high quality graphics, use vibrant colors (its all about paints and beautiful walls!!)

CD/DVD Presentation Services by ArtraTrading gives a complete solution of your corporate identity, product features, product education and service manual.

We review your requirements and provide you a best fit offer, which not only covers your requirements but also suits to your budget.

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