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Direct print The advantages of printing directly onto a CD/DVD instead of printing a label and attaching it to the disc 1. Water proof finish Water proof inks directly printed in to discs 2. Convenience and production speed it’s an easy, one-step process. You won't have to waste time dealing with label placement. Domain Registration Web hosting 200 MB 500 MB 2000 MB E-mail Ids 5 10 Unlimited Logo Design Intro Design Index Page With Flash banner Index Page With Flash banner The company produces magnetic buttons and Mugs with high quality in terms of raw materials and the print quality on those buttons. Custom printed buttons. magnetic buttons. badges, Pin backs. Custom made political buttons. school buttons. advertising buttons. promotional buttons. reunion buttons.

Mugs Printing

Full Color Printing

The image is broken down into four essential colors:
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (known as CMYK).

Most creative software can store an image in CMYK format, but be careful as the monitor may not give a Pantone accurate version of the image, it is best to send graphic files with a printed visual.

Note that the Magenta is not as strong as in paper printing, limiting the strength of reds and pinks. This can be overcome using spot colors from extra screens.

Using technology similar to an office laser printer, the image is printed direct to a specially coasted paper in process color.

This is then cover coated, becoming a water slide transfer which is then applied to the mug.

Digital printing

There are no screen costs, just an origination charge when the design is finalized.
As with full color printing, there are limitations on the strength of reds and pinks but with pastel and citrus shades the results are excellent.

We use this method when:

  • The design includes photographic images
  • The order is for smaller quantities
  • High resolution quality is required

Digital printing is used on white glaze ware only.

Screen Printing

In the Direct Screen Printing process we place an image, within a given area, directly onto the rotating body of the mug.

We use this process when:

  • The design is simple
  • There are no complex half-tones, although some half-tones can be direct printed
  • The registration is not over demanding
  • The design is not required to be larger than the print area

A direct printer can print several thousand prints per day compared with the slower hand decorated transfer process.

Transfer Printing

In the Transfer Printing process the design is printed onto special paper, then cover coated. The resulting print is then treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to the ware. The process is significantly slower and is a more labour intensive method, but the positioning of the decoration and the print area can be virtually the full surface area of the ware.

Transfer or Litho printing is employed when:

  • Producing larger than average prints.
  • Working with steeply curved shapes and flatware.
  • Printing in 4 color process.
  • Cases where there is very fine detail or tight registration.

Digital printing is used on white glaze ware only.

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